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Woven Foil Insulation
  • Product description

It is made of aluminum foil and PE braided cloth by special technology. Aluminum foil and woven fabric compound firmly, without stratification, does not contain any potentially toxic and harmful chemical components. High strength, tear resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, can be stitched, easy to install and use, more environmental protection and energy saving.

Products are suitable for use as insulation layer and export machinery, packaging materials for electronic components, blocking water vapor and heat erosion of machinery and equipment, can be heat sealed vacuum packaging bags, can be used in commercial buildings, civil buildings, greenhouses and so on. Prevents heat from entering the room in summer and from spilling out in winter.

MPET Woven Fabric
Test Reasult
Tensile Strength MD
Tensile Strength CD
Elongation MD
Elongation CD
Peel Strength MD
Peel Strength CD

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