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极致保温 Click rate: Release time:2022-11-02 Information sources:Hangzhou Qiyao New Material Co.,Ltd.

The thermal roll cage cover is designed to protect the temperature of goods, keeping cold goods cold or warm goods warm.

Thermal roll cage cover & liner is supplied with thermal floor to maximise performance. Available in branded colours, or in silver to protect against direct sunlight, hanging handles, identification pockets and meter pouches can be easily added.

Roll cage cover features:

1. Lightweight very easy wearing. 

2. Water resistant.

3. Excellent inpact and abrasion resistance.

4. Can be tailored to a customer's requirement.

5. Stitched in pocket for documents.

Qiyao thermal roll cage cover & liner have contributed enormous saving to many industries when using ambient vehicles for the transportation of chilled, frozen and ambient products up to a threshold delivery time and distance. The cover scientifically proven to cut energy loss by 25% in chillers, and an amazing 33% in freezers.

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